Our Mission

The mission of Christ House is to provide a residence for men who have troubled circumstances and are in need of a place they can call home. Christ House provides a home setting for up to six months if the applicants are willing to follow the house rules and procedures.

Christ House is open to men of every faith including those of no faith

We should treat every person, including ourselves, with respect - because God has made us all, and we are therefore important in and of ourselves.

We should treat all things with the respect due them - because they are part of Godís creative plan. While we should not focus our lives on things as if they alone give happiness, we must avoid all waste and destructiveness

We should approach our problems prayerfully - because our human existence is shrouded in the mystery of Godís creative will. We must remember that we did not choose our personhood, our talents, who we are or can be, our moment in time to be born, our race, color, gender, or sexual orientation.

We should be filled with great hope and trust - because God has not commanded us to be successful in any particular way. God asks only that we strive to know and love God better, and in all creation, until the day we die.

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